About Us

We are a software development consultancy supporting business through the development of web applications, forms applications and providing integration solutions.

Software Development

Web development to give your business a web presence or maintain your existing site.

Development of Windows Forms, Line of Business applications. This could be small light-weight utility application through to a full blown order/stock management system.

Development of reports to provide business intelligence. This could range from developing SQL to produce the raw data for a report through to providing support for using technologies such as Business Objects or Crystal.

Consumption and development of SOAP and RESTful web services. Development of integration services using bespoke frameworks or total business integration solutions such as BizTalk

Business Integration

Integrating your business with 3rd party suppliers or customers can bring substantial financial benefits

Importing data from suppliers can be a time consuming task. The need to transform the suppliers data into a format which can be loaded into your business systems can require members of staff to perform manual transformations is software such as Microsoft Excel. This process can be circumvented by extracting data via supplier's API's, programatically transforming it, and writing it to your corporate database.

Providing an API which customers can query to gain access to your data can encourage closer ties between your business and a customer.


Deportes Rube

Rapid web development using Bootstrap and a customer selected bootstrap theme to provide a responsive site. Integration into an existing customer database providing product browsing and searchability. Integration with google maps to provide business location.


Use of bootstrap to create a bespoke design according to customer specifications.

League Generator Algorithm

League generator algorithm to generate fixtures for multiple leagues with multiple constraints accross divisions.

Exchange Task Extractor

Forms application to extract Tasks from Exchange 2003/2007/2010 instances. This application was provided to allow the customer to extract tasks from exchange to prepare for a migration to a cloud solution.


Angular JS / ASP.Net MVC 5 web application providing the ability to locate information (Resturants, Fuel and Hotels) on Highway service stations. Include Motorways and Major A roads.